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SFPV panel discussion: Psychedelics and Creativity

Welcome to the SFPV Autumn 2023 panel discussion: Psychedelics and Creativity

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SFPV panel discussion: Psychedelics and Creativity
SFPV panel discussion: Psychedelics and Creativity

Tid og sted

18. nov. 2023, 19:00 – 23:00

Betong, Chateau Neuf, 0369 Oslo, Norge

Om arrangementet

Dear all! Welcome to the SFPV Autumn 2023 panel discussion: Psychedelics and Creativity.

Previously, we have discussed psychedelics in both clinical and societal contexts. This time we're turning our attention to the relationship between psychedelics and creativity. Psychedelics have been profoundly influential in the realms of music, art, and technology, shaping iconic musical movements, and permeating the innovative landscape of Silicon Valley. We want to explore how psychedelic experiences can nurture the creative potential of both individuals and groups.

TICKETS: Student Member: Free (You still need to get a ticket at Hoopla!) Non-Student Member: 50kr Ordinary Ticket: 150kr


Anna Høifødt Chair of NPV (Norsk Psykedelisk Vitenskap) and organiser of the 2022 Nordic Psychedelic Science Conference, Scandinavia's first ever psychedelic science conference. Anna is a social anthropologist and wrote her master's thesis on "The Value of Experience: Psychedelics, phenomenology and contemporary perspectives on drug use". She was awarded the Våg-å-vite prize in 2018. ----- Jean-Baptiste (Nihil) French artist living in Norway. Inspired by sacred texts, personal experiences, religious and psychedelic art. Three personal exhibitions have been dedicated to his work in Paris, Berlin and Dublin. He has participated in more than forty collective art shows around the world along with artists like David Lynch, Marilyn Manson, Ernst Fuchs, H.R. Giger, Alejandro Jodorowsky etc. ----- Bjørn Gunnar Staal Independent artist, designer and programmer. Former creative director at Void, now focusing on personal work. Explores the use of technology as a medium for creating art, revolving around building large scale interactive installations, one of which has awarded European Design Awards in 2022. ----- André Nielsen Cognitive neuroscientist. Specialising in theoretical and empirical studies of consciousness, André brings a multidisciplinary lens to questions surrounding psychedelics and the mind. Currently working as a Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Oslo, he has conducted research on altered states of consciousness induced by substances like Ketamine and Propofol, as well as natural sleep. ----- Dominic Munton Our very own leader and the mastermind behind SFPV! Currently working towards becoming a psychedelic therapist. Today he is a published children's author and passionate performance poet.

NOTE! *We do not advocate the recreational use of illegal substances and any views expressed by our panellists are theirs alone. Also, we have invited our panellists to decide for themselves what they chose to share from their personal lives. Please respect their right to privacy should they choose to refrain from answering directly personal questions.*

The event will be hosted in the basement of Chateau Neuf (Betong). We start off with the panel discussion, followed by a Q&A session. Afterwards there will be music and mingling. The bar will be open during the whole event. We're selling 150 tickets in total. Previous panel discussions have been very popular, so it might be a good idea to get your tickets early! We are very much looking forward to share this special evening with you all!

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